accessories: nail stickers vs. polish strips

by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-05-22
Nail Stickers are mainly used as a function of nail art.
You usually do pre-
Cover the cutting size of the entire nail, or as a decal or decal that adds a pattern and design to the appearance of an existing nail.
One of the great things about nail stickers is that you can implement complex and clever details on your nails without paying a lot of money for nail artists to make them.
This saving also means that you can change it more often.
Unlike Polish strips, some nail stickers have a little size for them, so the pattern often looks like it was painted.
Decals are usually placed on transparent sheets, allowing you to look at the different positions on your nails before peeling them.
Stickers should be easy to remove, usually just soak in warm water and peel them off ---
The biggest benefit is that they don\'t damage your nails.
They are waterproof and will last longer if you use transparent Poland on them.
Scale and application process are a major drawback.
The sticker works best for one size and the proportions don\'t always match your nail size, so you may have gaps on the side.
Decals can be hard to get just right, especially when working with non-Decalsdominant hand.
If you stick stickers near the tip of your nails, they stick together with nail polish, so it\'s better to put them on the nail bed.
One of the biggest advantages is that they are both fast and easy, but if you want to increase the gloss that nail polish usually provides, at least you will also need to apply a transparent base color.
While there does be adhesive behind the sticker, it doesn\'t mean it\'s permanent, so you\'ll also need to add a transparent top if you want them to stay for a while.
Neither company is a deal breaker, but they do add a bit of time and effort.
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