after 2 killers fled, new york prisoners say, beatings were next

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When prison guards came to grab Patrick Alexander, night fell at the Clinton Correctional Facility in northern New York.
They handcuffed him and brought him into a broom room to ask. Then, Mr.
Alexander said in an interview last week that the beating began.
When three guards, who did not wear a name badge, punched and kicked him and knocked his head against the wall, he said they shouted, \"where are they going?
What did you hear?
How much do they pay you to shut your mouth?
A guard put a plastic bag on his head.
Alexander said he threatened to water him.
Richard W a few hours ago.
Matt and David Khan fled the army boldly.
Known as \"honor block\"
Where they live.
Now, sir.
Alexander, a convicted murderer living in an adjacent cell, is suffering from consequences.
A few days after the prison break in June, correctional officers carried out what appeared to be a revenge campaign against dozens of Clinton prisoners, especially those in honor zone, the New York Times survey found.
In letters and prison interviews reviewed by The Times, prisoners described a surprisingly similar catalogue of abuse, including being beaten, suffocated, and hit cells and walls in handcuffs.
They have also been subjected to harsh policies from the state correctional and community regulators: dozens of prisoners, many of whom have won the right to live in honor neighborhoods after years of good behavior, transferred from Clinton to other prisons.
Many have been held in solitary confinement and deprived of the privilege accumulated over the years --
Although no prisoner has any contact with him yetMatt’s and Mr.
Action of sweat
In fact, the prison staff were involved: one admitted to assisting in the escape from prison;
Another person is facing criminal charges;
Nine officials were suspended;
The leadership of the danemora prison has been removed.
More than 60 prisoners filed complaints with the New York prisoner legal services, an organization that helped poor prisoners.
Ten members of a Clinton prisoner\'s committee signed a letter last month to state correctional officers who filed similar allegations.
\"We receive complaints every day from all over the state,\" said Michael Cassidy, a lawyer for prisoner legal services . \".
After The Times released its findings, the corrections department issued a statement saying that the prisoner\'s complaint had been investigated for several weeks and \"was also handed over to the state inspector general.
\"Any finding of misconduct or abuse of prisoners will be fully punished by law,\" the statement continued . \".
Several prisoners interviewed by The Times said that members of the department\'s Special Investigation Office visited them.
Frantically asking the accounts shows that, as correctional officers frantically and desperately demand information that could lead to the arrest of two prisoners, it may be possible to waive liability for security mistakes that contributed to the jailbreak, they have adopted cruel means that are most likely to violate departmental regulations.
Victor Carpenter works in the prison tailor shop.
Matt also has a job where a guard called Captain America in prison with a US flag tattoo said he tied a plastic bag around him
Aponte\'s neck was tightened during interrogation until it fainted.
Reggie Edwards, who oversees the tailor\'s shop, said the correctional officer held him in solitary confinement for three weeks and threw away most of his belongings, including his family photos and wedding rings. After a three-
A federal agent shot dead during a week of raids.
Matt was in June 26.
Two days later, a state police officer shot dead.
He was caught. Mr.
Alexander got the news at the shawangk Correctional Facility in ARST County, where he was transferred.
He said he gained a place in the Clinton honor zone because he has not been on record for any serious violations since entering the prison system in 2004.
He occupied the cell next to the gentleman.
Matt, because he murdered his boss, then cut the body and was put in prison. (
Long before he came out of prison.
Matt is known for the nickname \"Hacksaw\" around Clinton. )For Mr.
Alexander, the location of his cell phone apparently made him a target for investigators.
Escape night, sir.
Alexander said he worked late at the tailor\'s shop and returned to his cell around 9: 45. m. , Mr.
Matt gave him a bowl of salad and fried chicken he bought at the grocery store.
\"He told me, \'Don\'t worry.
I will get the bowl from you in the morning . \"
Alexander recalled.
He said he was woken up around 5: 15 A. M. m.
The number in the morning.
\"The police came to beat the bar,\" he said . \".
\"He went to Matt\'s cell, bangs in the bar, and then he left and bangs in Dave\'s bar.
He said that when no one responded, a sergeant and several guards ran around in the cell shouting at each other that two prisoners were missing.
\"The officer came over and said to me, \'What did you hear?
\"You have to listen to something . \"
Alexander recalled.
The first details of the escape will take hours to be announced. Around 11 a. m. , Gov. Andrew M.
Como visited the honor block and used hacksaw blades to check the holes dug by the prisoners behind the cell.
Governor Stary later stopped and questioned. Alexander.
\"You must have been woken up by all the cuts, right? ” Mr.
According to the video from the exchange, Como asked. Then, Mr.
Alexander said the governor \"gave me his best hardline-
The guy stared away.
Later, the governor said he would be \"shocked\" if any correctional officer was involved \".
On the day of escape, there were two.
Alexander said investigators from the Office of the Inspector General of the National Police and Correctional Services had questioned him.
Then, about eight pence. m.
He was handcuffed and taken to a broom room where he said three correctional officers he had never seen before had interrogated him.
An officer wearing a jacket with the letter C on itI. U. —
Crisis Intervention Unit
Sit down and ask him, \"Do you know the difference between this interview and other interviews? ” Mr.
Alexander recalled.
The police officer warned that there were only uniformed guards in the room this time. Alexander said.
\"The officer jumped up and grabbed my throat, lifted me up from the chair and bumped my head into the tube on the wall,\" he said . \".
\"Then he started hitting me in the face.
The other two stood up and started beating my ribs and stomach.
\"Punch every time, sir.
The officers shouted another question, Alexander said.
\"He kept holding my throat,\" he added . \". When Mr.
Alexander repeatedly insisted that he did not have any information, and an officer pointed to a plastic bag hanging on some pipes and asked him if he knew what it was for and said, \"Do you know what waterboarding is? ” Mr.
Alexander recalled.
Then the officer put the bag on his head and started beating him again, SirAlexander said.
The interrogation lasted about 20 minutes, he said, and then he was brought back to his cell, bleeding. Later, Mr.
Alexander said that the same officer \"began to laugh and threaten me quietly and told me,\" Don\'t worry, Fat Man, we\'ll see you soon.
In a letter to the prisoner\'s legal services
Aponte, who also works at the tailor\'s shop, described a similar trial two days later.
He wrote that an officer stood in front of the window blocking the view into the room while another C. I. U.
The trench coat tied a garbage bag to his neck, \"using a plastic bag as a noose.
\"I don\'t know how long he hung me up like this because I fainted ,\"Aponte wrote. Mr.
Aponte and several other prisoners said they were initially denied medical treatment.
A few days later, when he was finally taken to the prison clinic, the officer warned him not to tell the medical staff how he was injured, he wrote in a letter.
\"The police officer told me that I had been in prison for a long time and that I should know more clearly, and he wrote:\" If I did not tell the nurse who was going to check me, they won\'t really kill me this time. \".
Another resident of honor block, Paul davera, wrote in his complaint that after he was beaten during interrogation, he was forced to \"sign a report saying \'I have not been
\"I have no other choice,\" he wrote . \"
Within two weeks of the prison break, prisoners in honor zone Clinton were dispersed, many of whom were sent to separate prisons.
Some said they were beaten by officials from the departmental Corrections Emergency Response Team (CERT) during the handover process.
A prisoner, Manuel Nunez, wrote in a letter: \"The CERT team rushed into my cell, threw me on the bed, twisted my wrists, yelled at me, and did not resist later, they also said, \"attacked me while I was shackled, locked and shack my feet.
GuardsHe\'s Gantlet said that when he and the other prisoners lined up to board the correctional bus, the police came over and beat them.
In an interview last week at the Sinsing correctional facility in Westchester County,
Nuñez showed reporters the purple scar around his right ankle, saying it was the result of a certificate officer deliberately grabbing him too tightly.
Some former honor block residents have lost the privilege they received in Clinton for years. Mr.
Edwards, who supervised 50 inmates at the prison tailor\'s shop, earned $45 a week.
He has been a porter since he was moved up to sing, earning $3 a week.
\"They took everything from me,\" he said . \".
\"They did everything they could to blame the people who stayed. ”Mr.
Alexander said that a few days after being beaten, he was transferred to the Northern Correctional Facility in Franklin County and then transferred to the shawangk correctional facility.
In the process, he said that he had lost his TV, diary, family photos and letters from his mother and aunt for ten years, which he had kept in laminated storage with packing tape.
That said, sir.
Alexander and many others interviewed said they were not disgusted with the two fugitives. Mr.
Sweat served his sentence in prison because he shot a sheriff\'s deputy 20 times and then knocked him down without the possibility of parole.
Some people say that in the face of this situation, they may well have considered running away.
\"I cannot say what I will do;
I don\'t have time to sweat . \"
Alexander has been in prison for 11 years and will be eligible for parole in 2023.
\"So no, I don\'t hate them.
Maybe I should, but I don\'t.
Prisoners say the freedom granted to honor blocks is not the reason for the escape.
Investigators found that a correctional officer and civilian supervisor had smuggled tools to help him. Matt and Mr. Sweat.
Officials say security mistakes
After a night of sweating, an escape route was prepared, passing through the back of the cell, the brick wall and the steam pipe.
Investigators and prisoners say that most guards do not patrol their cells every night as they should, but sleep for the most part of their shift.
\"Laziness leads to this, not privilege . \"Davila said.
The prisoners joked that the only thing walking around the cell during the night shift was cockroaches.
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