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by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-07-30
Here I am going to provide you the tips to do hand care at home. You can do it in half an hour and it's too easy to do, as you don't have to spend much on the expensive saloons. Just following these steps you can get beautiful hands in less time. Just you have to collect the material which is used in hand care. For this you have to take Luke warm water. Then you have to dip your hands into it. You should check that water should not be much hot. Then you have to put some nice liquid soap for making your nails soft, it can also remove dirt and dust from your hands. You should remove the previous nail paint from your hand with the help of nail polish remover. After removing the nail polish you can apply the new color polish or the nail glue for putting some new vibrant paint. Using a cotton ball or the small cotton roll is the perfect choice as tissue paper will never work. The next step is to file your nails and again putting them in soap water. Don't forget to remove the cuticles with a cuticle stick. Kosher salt or raw sugar can be blended with olive oil to make a homemade scrubbing lotion. This scrub will remove the dead cells completely. Now you can make your hands dry with a clean towel. Then you can apply nail glue on it and stick different colored nails which are available in market. Divergent designs in divergent kits available in market. You should choose a quality kit so that your nails should not get affected. You can remove it with acetone or the nail polish remover. Now you will see that your hands will be the center of envy for the women around. You need not to go for any expensive nail art and manicure. This also saves your time, which is more precious.
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