Before beginning a project to create a calendar

by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-08-06
Calendar Printing techniques vary depending on which software you use, so there may be some trial and error procedures that have to be endured in order to get the project completed in a satisfactory manner. If you are familiar with the tools of the software package you are using then the process should be less time consuming and quite a bit less stressful. Paper selection is the first step of the process. The paper chosen for the outside front and back covers should be of higher quality stock and it should also be more sturdy or thicker than that which is used for the actual months inside the calendar. For the outer cover it is recommended that 100lb cover stock with a gloss finish be used, preferably one with an aqueous coating, which will serve to protect the calendar once it is completed and put out for display. The paper for the inside portion of the project should be either 100lb or 80lb text stock with a gloss finish. If this type of stock isn't available then it is recommended to use 70lb text stock that has a 50% recycled matte finish. The latter type of stock does have the added advantage of being eco-friendly for those that want to protect the environment. Another very important concern is the size of the finished project. The overall size of the calendar should be considered prior to making a purchase on the paper. The bigger the calendar the more people will notice it and the easier they will be able to read it. If the space where the calendar is going to be displayed has limited space then a smaller finished product may be in order; however if there is ample space available the calendar should encompass and compliment the area without overcrowding the area. How a calendar is finished will also have an impact on how long it lasts and how effective it is. Calendars need to be hung in an area where they can be viewed and used by all concerned, therefore a hole will need to be drilled in order to accommodate a hanging apparatus such as a nail or hook. The type of binding chosen will also play a role in how well the calendar survives. The two basic methods of binding are saddle-stitching and Wire-O, of which Wire-O is the preferred method. Select a template design for your Calendar Printing processes. This will serve to ensure that the calendar comes off the printing press looking as beautiful as it does on the computer screen. Get a hard copy of the project if possible, this will allow for any last minute changes prior to the product being sent for press. Print in large quantities, the more you print the less per cost of calendar, which maximizes the potential for returns on investment.
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