Building a Garage Storage Cabinet

by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-08-06
If your garage has transformed into a dump of seldom used items and tools, and has become increasingly difficult to make your way around the place for fear of knocking something over, then you know the time has come for you to get a garage storage cabinet. If you want to save money or if you have very specific requirements, you might want to consider building your garage storage cabinet yourself. Before you start building your garage storage cabinet, first consider what you will be putting in there. Are you going to store tools, paint, cleaners and disinfectants? When you have decided which items you are going to store in your garage cabinet, take their measurements to help you determine the dimensions of your garage storage cabinet. To measure the depth of your storage cabinet, and your storage items then add two inches. To determine your storage cabinet's length, measure the length of your storage items then add six inches. Determining the width is a bit tricky since you will have to make sure that it can accommodate all of your storage items. Next, decide if you want shelves on your garage storage cabinet. To make shelves, make sure that each one equals the depth (of the storage cabinet) by the width. Determine how much wood you will need. It all depends on how big you need your storage cabinet to be. If you are building an average sized cabinet, you will need the following: 3/4x15 1/4 x 97 MDF or particle board, consider an unfinished one. 3/4x15 1/4 x 97 MDF or particle board. A 1x2-10 trim board A pegboard You can acquire these items, as well as other storage cabinet components like hinges, door knobs and pulls, nails and/or screws, drill bits, shelf supports, paint and weatherproofing at your local hardware store.Cut the pieces of wood or board based on the measurements you took of your storage items. Cut the wood in such a way that you will have a top, bottom, back and sides. Also measure and cut shelves to fit your storage needs.Take your shelves and affix them to the back of the cabinet using screws or nails. Use support if needed and attach them to the back of the cabinet as well.Affix the top, bottom and sides 'pieces' to the back using screws or nails. Measure and cut a final piece of wood to create a door. You can opt to cut one large door or create two small doors.Affix the door to your cabinet by using door hinges. Screw or nail the hinges in place. Next attach the knobs or pulls to your cabinet door or doors. Create an edging at the top and bottom of your cabinet using thin strip. Install hardware for the doors to close, such as a door catch or latch. Install these at the top and/or bottom of the inside of your storage cabinet.You can add legs or wheels at the bottom or your storage cabinet if your wish.Lastly paint your storage cabinet according to your tastes. Apply weatherproofing finishing if the cabinet is exposed to the elements.
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