Chanel No.5 is the first is the first perfume

by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-08-01
1. Outer Packing. The outer packing of Chanel No.5 is crystal vinylite and the inside box is packed by it tightly. However, you need not believe it completely, because it can be repacked with crystal nail polish even it has been uncovered before. Also, if you find that there are something sticky on the back and bottom of the box, don not worry. Maybe they are just marks of gummed paper left by the supplier when they tear down the price tag. 2. Wrapping Paper Boxes. There is an convex-concave double C or CANEL in the central of the top of the box. If can find neither double C or CHANEL, you shouldn't by it. There are the name of the perfume and the convex-concave CHANEL in the front of the box and other words are clear but smooth. There are bar code and CHANEL PARIS or CHANEL NEW YORK on the back of the box. There are also date of manufacture and batch number. You should look them carefully. 3. The Bottle. Take the bottle out of the packaging and look it over carefully. If the Chanel No. 5 is packaged in a square, glass bottle and the bottle has only one simple label on the front and the real Chanel logo on it, it maybe real Chanel No. 5. The bottle should be clear and smooth, not cloudy in any way. 4. The Remove Stopper. Take the stopper down from the bottle, and examine it. Real Chanel No. 5 will have a glass stopper, with a plastic bottom where the stopper touches the perfume. If the stopper is made of metal, there is no doubt that it is fake. Because metal can alter the scent, and Chanel never uses it as the stopper for a bottle of perfume. 5. Smell. Real Chanel No. 5 is characterized by its overdose of a 1:1:1 accord of aldehydes C-10 (decanal), C-11 (undecanal) and C-12 (dodecanal). If it smells like household cleaner, or has an unpleasant aroma, it's not Chanel. Even if you're not familiar with Chanel No. 5, your nose will know.
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