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Homeowners have a lot to think about when choosing hardwood flooring, and Cincinnati wood floor sales specialists make the process easier with showrooms that help customers see up close the rich array of hardwood species available and variations in hardwood flooring styles. Cincinnati wood floor stores allow customers the opportunity to explore and find just the right flooring to match their tastes, existing home decor and architectural style of their home. Types of wood flooring include: * 3/4-inch thick solid hardwood planks - what most people envision when they think 'hardwood floor.' * 5/16-inch hardwood planks * Engineered hardwood, which is designed to be installed over concrete without moisture problems. In contrast to solid wood boards it is engineered to expand less when exposed to moisture, making it a practical choice even for basements. Another advantage is engineered hardwood is less expensive than solid hardwood floors. Made of wood veneer, engineered wood can be refinished, though not as many times as solid hardwood boards. * Locking hardwood - or a floating floor - features a locking tongue and groove design, which makes it a good choice for do-it-yourselfers. It can be installed without nails, staples or glue. In Cincinnati hardwood flooring is available in prefinished as well as unfinished varieties. Prefinished hardwood floors generally feature a finish that is stronger than what is typically applied on unfinished wood floors after they are installed. You can buy prefinished moldings to match prefinished floors. Cincinnati wood floor stores offer a wide array of hardwood species, including domestic and exotic woods, from light to dark, and in various degrees of hardness. You're likely to find just the right wood for the room you have in mind - though you may find it difficult to narrow down the choices. Most hardwood floor outlets stock dozens of species, from popular domestics like oak, maple and cherry, to exotic hardwoods like Brazilian cherry or mahogany. The realm of possibilities for wood floor customers is being expanded further by new alternatives that resemble wood and are growing in popularity, such as bamboo and cork. Wood floor species vary in hardness, so when choosing a wood floor keep in mind the amount of traffic in the area or room where you plan to install it. Wood floor sales specialists at Cincinnati hardwood flooring stores will be able to help you in your selection. Wood species come in a wide range of colors to match color schemes in your home. Keep in mind when choosing an exotic wood that exotic woods are photosensitive, meaning that they need good exposure to sunlight to achieve the full richness of their natural color. If you choose to buy unfinished wood flooring, available stains and finishes will even broaden the range of color choices you have. Wood floors also come in a variety of widths. Wider planks, over three inches wide, are becoming more popular. Wider boards are preferred by many because of how they bring out the beauty of the wood.
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