Eye lash extensions add length and volume to the

by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-08-04
Eyelash extension is professionally applied in a salon. Since individual lashes differ, each extension is custom made as per the requirement of the client. Since it is a difficult procedure, eyelash extensions should be best left to an expert. While false eyelashes are clumps, each eye requires about 30 to 80 lashes to attain that flirtatious look. The glue is sweat proof and water proof enabling the user to swim, snorkel or ski, in fact carry on with their daily activities without much trouble. They last for about a month, but usually the customer comes back after two to three weeks for a touch-up. Since they are not easily available and not like the eyelash fortifiers and mascara, one has to take appointments in a salon to get the job done. But before going for this, the individual should be aware of the chemicals and ingredients used as people can be allergic to them. Since it's a cosmetic artificial product, it's better to be safe than sorry. A lot depends on the growth cycle of the eye lashes and post-treatment care. These are the major factors on which the eyelash extensions may last. The first false eyelash came into being in 1990 in Japan. Made out of mink, the present eyelashes are all synthetically generated. Some of the characteristics of eyelash extension are as follows: The false eyelashes are attached to the real ones, as soon as the eyelash grows out, so does the extensions. Reapplication becomes a necessary. Mascara enhances the false eyelashes and blends both to give a coquettish look. Misapplication can clog the hair lash follicles leading to infections. All these may make anybody vary of the product but if it is done by a professional who has proper training in the field, then it is quite safe a cosmetic process. These experts have proper training and know how to apply the lashes in a safe and hygienic manner. The Next Step Nail and Beauty College in United Kingdom has eyelash extension course for individuals who are interested to build their career in this field. The eyelash extension course aims at giving the customer long, thick and beautiful eyelash which will enhance their eyes. Affiliated to BABTAC, which also ensures insurance after the course completion, the training gives the students an exhaustive knowledge about these eyelash extensions, hygiene, product knowledge and application, marketing strategies and after care etc. The eyelash extension course is available at London, Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol.
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