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by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-06-23
Application of fake nails The clean and smoothened surface of your nails is readied for the fake acrylic nails to get stuck. The glue used to stick them is preferred to be bought of a branded and known quality than hitting on any one available in medico stores. For the application, the glue before dries away, the nails are properly placed on the original nail. And pressed lightly, not hard enough as this causes space between the nail and the fake nails which prone the nail to get infected by fungus attack. Application of fungus inhibitor This step is considered to be the next important step after the fixing of the nails. This inhibitors act as a protective liquid that will not always the fungus to grow on the surface and prevents from the original nails so spoil as it is the base for the beautiful nails shown out. Nail prep is also applied at times before the fixing of the fake ones. Reusing fakes again and again The fake nails can be removed as they are glued with simple nail glue (in danish: Negle lim ) which are sensitively adhesive and can be removed with proper care. The removal causes breaking and scrapes on the upper surface of the nail. But the expert removal will not make that possible. Again, after removal with the help of the nail glue removal tool remove the excess glue that is left behinds the nail and you can definitely use them again with different styles and colors later. Dietary care Not only the shapes, colors, and biological precautions but internally too a bad health will reflect easily on the nails. Eat good food the have the correct nail care. This will reduce the brittleness of the nails and will strengthen it providing better and stronger base. Keeping them in mind get forward to style the nails.
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