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At this point you may be hesitant to take on something seemingly so challenging as building a dollhouse from scratch. Fortunately, a basic dollhouse is a relatively easy project and even the process of drawing up your own plans is quite simple. If you are threatened by working with wood build your first house from cardboard. Actually, you can use your completed cardboard dollhouse as the pattern for a more substantial wooden version. To get started on your dollhouse you will first need a workable plan. Remember, you are not flying solo on this project. Get your little girl involved from the very beginning. Make decisions about the kind of house that you plan to build. How many stories will it have? What kind of rooms will be included in the house? What will be the size of each of your rooms? Don't get too fancy. The easiest shape to work with is a square. If you are uncomfortable with multiple rooms and levels then confine your plan to a one-room cottage. The one drawback for a standard size dollhouse is not scaled to work with the popular Barbie-scaled dolls. To build such a dollhouse would be an enormous task and really a little out of the league of most beginners. A better solution would be to invest in some 6 inch dolls which can be purchased inexpensively. The standard dollhouse scale doesn't require a math genius to compute. Very simply, the scale is on a 1:12 ratio. Consequently, one foot in the human world is likened to one inch in the miniature dollhouse world. A 10 foot ceiling in the real world is scaled to an 8 inch miniature ceiling. A 12 by 12 room is...well, a 12 by 12 room. Using a ruler, preferably a square, draw out your plans on paper. You may need to tape pieces together to get the size you need. Butcher block paper works well for drawing out plans. To effectively draw your blueprint you will need to create the two side walls, a base, a front, and interior walls for the rooms. Keep in mind that children love windows, doors, and stairs. Adding these simple features gives more opportunity for their active imaginations when playing with their dollhouses and dolls. Once you are satisfied with your drawing then it's time to gather the necessary materials. As I mentioned earlier, your material of choice may simply be cardboard. You can actually cut the pieces that you need from a large moving box with a mat knife. Additionally you will need a good quality glue or glue gun for assembly. Use wrapping paper or scrap-booking paper for covering the walls. You can also find some free downloadable wallpaper patterns online. If you are more ambitious and prefer to work with wood then you have several good options available to you. For this purpose you can either use MDF (medium density fiberboard) or plywood. If you don't have access to a jigsaw some retailers offer a free cutting service. They will cut your wood pieces to your size specifications for you. Wood assembly will require sandpaper, a hammer, nails, wood glue, and paint or wood stain. Again, you can use materials previously suggested for working with cardboard for making wallpaper. At this point you may be thinking that it might be easier to just purchase a dollhouse kit. After all, you could still involve your little girl in the project. That certainly is a good option but you are looking at a considerable difference in price. When you build your own scratch cardboard dollhouse there is very little cash expense involved. Even a wooden version shouldn't cost more than $50. Keep in mind that a similar that a dollhouse kit in a similar size can be costly. Above all you have a wonderful opportunity to create a memorable family project. Make a dollhouse with your little girl and build memories for the both of you that will last forever.
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