Furniture is just like the face of the man. They

by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-08-01
And then they may be abandoned by their owner. Even they appeared on the second-hand online furniture store, they will never attract others' attention. Did you feel the sorrow of them? As the owner of them, don't you think you have the duty to help them live longer? Of course, we should. But how? Here are some tips for you. White furniture It's difficult for cloth to wipe the blot on the white dining table or chairs. You might as well clean it with toothpaste. Squeeze a little toothpaste on the cloth and wipe it softly, the blot will disappear soon. Fabric sofa Have you ever left blot on the fabric sofa? I have for many times. I felt extremely annoyed with myself at these moments. Things went better after I followed this tip. Dip a little alcohol to wipe it first. And then dry it with blow drying machine. If there are some spots of orange juice, just wipe it with water mixed with a spoon of soda. The stains will decline. Coffee table We usually drink coffee or tea at the coffee table. Some spots will be left on it inevitably. We can simply sprinkle some water on it and then use tinfoil in the cigarette to wipe. Finally, wipe it with clean water, the dirt will disappear. Iron spot on the furniture Put the hot glass or plate on the furniture will leave iron spots on it. How to remove it? Just dip some alcohol, kerosene or toilet water with cloth to wipe it. Paint furniture If the paint furniture was scratched but not reach the wood, we can use the similar crayon or paint to paint on the surface of the scraped. And then smear a thin layer of transparent nail polish. Floor cracks When there are some cracks on the wooden furniture or wood floor, we can cut up the newspaper and put in some potassium alum to boil it with water. Then embed it in the cracks with knife. Finally paint with the same color paints. The carpentry will restore the original appearance. Cane or bamboo furniture Cane or bamboo furniture will be full of scale or become off-color if it is used for a long time. It's a good idea to wipe it with salt solutions. Not only cleaning the scale but also keeping pliable. The watermark on the paint surface If you want to remove the watermark on the paint surface, you can spread a clean wet cloth, and press by the iron with a low temperature. Only this can evaporate the moisture permeated in the paint and remove the watermark.
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