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Nail biting is a extremely prevalent behavior which is seen in every age group of the population. It is not solely an unpleasant habitual pattern, but additionally can be bad health. More often than not, nail biting could be a symptom of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Influencing very young children to boys and girls, young adults and very elderly people; nail biting seems to spare no one at all. Quite a lot of research has revealed that approximately 28% to 33% of youngsters between the ages of 7 and 10 have the habit of chewing their nails. 44% of young people, between 19% and 29% of young adults and 5% of elder adult population also exhibit the nail biting habit. It is more prevalent in boys, in comparison with girls. In the event you too belong to the community of nail biters, then it is essential to identify how to get got rid of your nail biting habit for good. Read more to learn about several handy tips to help you on your way. Recognition and Initiative: Accepting responsibility for your actions is the most crucial step of them all. Lots of the nail biters do not acknowledge that they're habituated to nail biting. Some of them do it subconsciously whilst being immersed in some other exercise like reading or watching television; so they almost certainly don't realize the fact that they indeed chew upon their fingernails. So the principal stage is always to acknowledge the intensity of your condition, once you have done this; you must take initiative to eliminate this habitual pattern permanently. Locating the Cause: As is with all other clinical disorder, the most effective and effective solution to deal with the issue of nail biting is to find out the precise cause behind this irritating habit. The causes are different from one person to another, and so in depth investigation and observations will probably be needed to determine the best cause. After the cause is unearthed, treatment must be directed at alleviating the main cause; which can inevitably cure the resultant habit of nail biting too. Basic Measures: Milder cases or temporary nail biting are usually dealt with using simple measures like the application of sour fingernail paint or fingernail ointments or even biter juices, wearing protective gloves or asking friends or family to remind you if ever they see you biting your nails. By using synthetic nails can be another good idea, because it will protect the underlying original nails from assault of your teeth. Getting Professional Help: When the nail biting behavior has been persisting for a very long time; or is very severe and almost turning into an fixation or compulsive action, it indicates the necessity of asking for professional help. So many people are shy and feel uncomfortable to take advice from a psychotherapist with regard to such issues. Quite a few nail biters will also continue biting and chewing their fingernails despite extreme damage and bleeding from the nail bed. However it has to be cleared here that consistent and relentless nail biting may be the exterior manifestation of a secret mental or emotional disorder or some other condition which is very serious. It is usually advisable to speak with an expert psychotherapist who's capable of giving you productive therapy in the form of counseling or behavior treatment. Based upon the seriousness of the nail biting addiction, you could possibly take correct measures as noted above, and thus getting rid of your nail biting habitual pattern once and for all. Now if you want more information on how to stop nail biting then visit where you can get my free mini course.
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