Gone are the days of the ubiquitous French Manicure

by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-07-19
The Spring 2013 runway is no exception. Soft, flirty, playful, and even candy shop-inspired colors are influencing nail trends right now. Fortunately, this season has enough variety for any woman to find the perfect style for her. And many are simple enough to be applied at home, saving a trip to the nail salon from time to time. As in recent years, nails remain slightly longer than fingertip-length, but never long enough to resemble talons. With a few exceptions, major trends have to do with fresh, new colors rather than complicated nail art designs. Even better, women can find pretty much any nail polish online to achieve these looks at home. Here are a few to look for. Bright Pastels Playful, fun, spring colors are big right now. Easter egg colors come to mind, such as robin's egg blue, daffodil yellow, peachy apricot, and grass green. Petal pink seems to always be in fashion as well. Black For those not taken with pastels, black is the perfect alternative. It adds a bit of toughness to any ensemble, even a soft, flirty dress. The contrast of hard and soft lends interest to what could otherwise be a mundane look. Metals Metallic nails are a great way to wear a neutral. Think of a shiny gold, silver, copper, or bronze nail as a sort of finger jewelry. Much like rings or bracelets, metallic fingernails will go with absolutely any look. They are one of the most versatile colors, which can be worn for days and never clash. Nude Nude nails are also back in a big way this spring. If bright colors or attention-grabbing shine are too much, feel free to tone it way down with a subtle shade of nude, or even a bare naked clear lacquer. A shade closely matching the skin tone elongates the appearance of the fingers, giving the hands an elegant and feminine look. Glitter Sparkles and glitter are a whimsical trend on nails this season, for those willing to venture beyond a simple coat of polish. Though glitter is typically considered for evening wear, glitter nails in any color are perfectly acceptable in daytime this spring season. If locating it in stores is difficult, finding glitter nail polish online is an excellent option. Colored Tips For the adventurous woman, two-toned nails are still in vogue. The big innovation this season is wearing the main part of the nail nude, and painting just the tips an eye-catching neon bright. Though black tips have been seen, it's best to stay away from this and other dark colors so it doesn't look as if there is dirt under the fingernails. Once again, nail designers have outdone themselves with exciting new designs to match the runway fashions this season. Most nail trends are simple and affordable enough for any woman to try at home. And for the woman who'd like a little pampering, any nail salon that keeps current with trends should be able to satisfy her any nail desires.
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