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by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-08-03
Do you bother about short nails? Artificial nail tip is the instant solution. There are myriads of options to choose from including Eagle-Claw tip, C tip, French tip, Square tip, and Deep smile tip. Once you choose the right artificial tip, the next step could be choosing the right nail art to apply on it. Nail arts include pasting 2D stickers or 3D stickers; stamping different shapes with custom design stickers; decorating your nails with dried flowers. Still better, if nail art does not match your fancy, then you can go for glitters or just apply your favorite nail polish. Both glitters and shiny nail dust look great on long and strong lustrous nails. Even if your nails are shorter, maintaining it properly is essential. If your nails have any damage on it, then pasting artificial negle kursus may look odd and it may not look natural. Another alternative is to hide the nail damage with an attractive nail art. There are myriads of options to choose. Nail polish can hide the stains or damages on your nails to an extent. Even if your nails are short, having clean and healthy ones are going to help you in all cases. Here are some essential nail care tips. You nails show your overall health: Strong and healthy nails reflect your personal health. If your nails are too brittle, then increase your intake of calcium and vitamin A along with plenty of water and fresh juices. Trim your nails often depending on its growth: Trimming your nails often can help keep your nails clean from dirt accumulation. Trim your nails at least once in a month or depending on the nail growth. Maintain your nail cuticles: Some people remove the cuticles, which is the soft skin present at the joint of fingernail cartilage and skin. Cuticles are present as a protective layer, removing them to get extra beauty may in fact can harm your nails. Moisturize your nail cuticles often with a cuticle oils and creams. If you do not have one, then you can even use lip balm or coconut oil.
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