How much will it cost for press on nails for women production?
The production cost of press on nails involves a number of factors, such as engineering, production quality, materials. High standard manufacturing often equals higher prices. Manufacturers' improvements in production can lead to better end products, but these products tend to be more costly.

ZHEJIANG NEWAIR ART CO.,LTD Fake Nails is a powerful company especially in its technology and service. The beauty sticker series is one of the main products of Newair. Newair Fake Nails nail stickers for women is produced embedded with high technology. The technology of sterilization such as a disinfectant agent or ultraviolet sterilization is embedded in it to guarantee good water purification effect. With self-adhesive design, it's the most convenient tool to decorate nails. Newair has introduced advanced production equipment and assembly lines at home and abroad to form a complete industrial chain. Besides, we have built a scientific and complete quality inspection system to conduct comprehensive product testing. All this ensures that the quality and performance of artificial nails are in line with international standards.

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