how to clean your hardwood floors

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Although installing hardwood floors is often more expensive than laying new carpets, it is an investment worth considering, according to the National Association of Realtors.
According to the survey, 54 buyers are willing to pay more for houses with hardwood floors.
The question now is: what is the best way to clean and care for popular floors and keep the natural beauty (and value)
How to shine here.
This is not Wood-
Oak, maple, mesquette, bamboo, engineered hardwood floors or something more exotic --
This determines how the floor should be cleaned, but how it should be cleaned.
Surface finishes, often referred to as polyurethane or polyurethane, are one of the most popular treatment methods of the day and are usually applied to hardwood floors after installation to protect them and make them more durable and waterproof.
These finishes create a protective barrier.
According to data from the US hardwood flooring Information Center, there are four types of surface finishes (AHIC)
: Water-based, oil-based, acid curing, wet curing.
Residential buildings built before 1970, including historic homes, may be useful for the original wood floor sealed with varnish, wax or shellac.
These require different cleaning methods.
AHIC says these types of finishes do the work by penetrating the wood to color the board and form a protective shield.
The use of wax coating after dyeing provides a barrier against wear and provides a beautiful low for the floor
Satin gloss.
However, the classic look requires additional TLC because of the water-
Basic products and mopping will damage the paint.
How to determine your wood floor and prevent dirty wood floor from wearing shoes in the house is one of the best ways to significantly reduce dirt, wear and daily wear and reduce cleaning time.
More specifically, the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) warned people not to walk on wooden floors in splints, sneakers and high heels.
It also provides an example of a warning: 125-
The pound woman walking in high heels has a 2,000 pounds pound impact per square inch.
In addition, exposed heel nails can exert up to 8,000 pounds force per square inch.
Whether you come up with a calculator or not, the possibility of influence and frustration seems undeniable.
However, while you can\'t always ask guests to take off their shoes at the door, this may be a policy worth considering for family members.
No matter what type of wood floor you have, NWFA recommends not to use cleaning products for vinyl or tile floors.
Their view: Self
Polishing acrylic wax makes the wood smooth and quickly dim. Another no-no: wet-
Mop the wood floor because the water will dim the finish, damage the wood and leave a discolored residue.
Along the same route, in order to restore luster, avoid over-waxing the unfinished wood floor.
If the waxed floor becomes dull, try to polish the surface.
Regular wood flooring with modern polyurethane wood finish clean the floor (
Floors installed after 1970)
Start with vacuuming, cleaning, or dust-
Mopping the surface. Vacuuming.
Vacuum wood floor at least once a day or a week, vacuum cleaner with wood floor accessories.
For normal machines, AHIC recommends turning off the internal rotating brush or the puller bar if possible.
Regular vacuuming helps to remove dust and dirt particles that play a leading role in scraping and darkening the surface of the floor. Sweeping.
The United States hard wood Information Center said the selection of brooms with \"explosive tip\" (also known as the end of synthetic fiber) was the first step. Damp mopping.
Wet mopping should be done with a simple pH-neutral soap (
Like dishwashing soap)and water;
Or put a gentle bucket of detergent, such as Murphy Oil Soap, in a bucket of water;
Or use solutions for products specially formulated for wood flooring, such as eco-mist gel W, Dr
Bonner\'s method.
In the circle of serious cleaning, there is constant controversy about whether to use a mixture of vinegar and water for moisture --
Wooden Floor mopping.
In the end, everyone must do the most effective thing;
However, this approach has lost favor over the past 10 years, and it is now widely believed that this solution will cause the floor to darken faster, not as effective as simple soap and water.
To start mopping the ground, wet the mop in the prepared solution, wring it completely, and mopping the ground in the direction of the wood grain.
Repeat if necessary.
When the water in the bucket gets dirty, pour it out and refill it. Many experts (
Including Martha Stewart.
I believe that scrubbing wood floors with wet cloth is the ultimate cleaning strategy.
Unless there are enough square feet or protest knee proof there is a problem.
But avoid getting wet with water with clothes or mops.
Dry your floors immediately if they do get wet or bad!
Another method: After the floor is cleaned or vacuumed, place the cleaning solution of your choice in a spray bottle and atomize the floor, then use a dry Microfiber mop or cloth and mop in the direction of the wood grain.
It is important to note that just because the floor is clean does not necessarily mean it will shine.
If the floor loses its luster, maybe it\'s time to redecorate it professionally.
No matter what you do, don\'t wax the polyurethane finish.
Things you should know before patching the floor or waxing the floor, such as the old and historic house, and the floor that protects the worn seal, do not treat with water or liquid detergent, these cleaners may penetrate, stain or distort the wood.
On the contrary, according to the cleaning expert, with soft
As the main line of defense, long-haired brooms and vacuum cleaners should be used.
NWFA says stay away from mops: never wet
Wax the floor.
In addition to the basic care, polishing and waxing the floor once or twice a year should remain glossy. Old-
In most homes, old-fashioned housing floors are not common.
However, if you find yourself a proud owner of this retro floor, regular care should include regular cleaning and vacuuming.
Avoid using water and liquid cleaners.
Engineered wood flooring is a thin layer of hardwood flooring that blends into the plywood base.
This material is stronger and more durable than ordinary hard wood and therefore becomes a popular choice.
The cleaning procedure for this wood is the same as the hardwood floor with polyurethane finish.
Maintain daily cleaning by cleaning and vacuuming, and use a slightly damp mop as needed.
See when artificial wood flooring is used. The artificial wood floor is a strong style and is a clever way to disguise the less perfect wood floor.
Cleaning, cleaning, vacuum or dust-mop regularly.
Stay away from grinding cleaners and choose simple soap and aqueous solution to mop the floor wet to avoid scratches or damage to the painted surface.
Experts recommend that the surface be dried immediately by hand in order to avoid stripes and unnecessary moisture. More on Houzz.
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