How your NAIL POLISH could be damaging your health: Cosmetic contains chemicals linked to fertility problems and cancer, scientist warns

by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-05-02
From Shellac to old-
Vintage French manicure, many of us will never leave the house without smooth nail polish.
We also went to nail shops more and more to paint our nails perfectly.
But a scientist warned that chemicals in nail care products contain toxic chemicals that can seriously affect our health.
Dr. Thu Quach of Stanford University and the California Institute for Cancer Prevention wrote for The Conversation that exposure to these chemicals could lead to problems such as cancer and fertility problems. . .
Any other nameNail care products scroll down the video chemicals with different contents and contain many toxic and potentially dangerous ingredients.
Their chemicals range from cancer to cancer.
Cause formaldehyde and other compounds to other substances that destroy hormones.
The researchers have determined that toluene, formaldehyde and neighboring benzene Diester are the three chemicals that salon staff are highly concerned about and are called \"toxic triple benzene\" because of their serious impact on health \".
Toluene is a commonly used solvent that can form a smooth surface on the nail and keep the pigment-the colour -
Separated from the bottle
But it affects the central nervous system and causes reproductive damage.
Its main use is as an additive in gasoline.
Formaldehyde, a known carcinogenic substance, used as a nail.
Hardening agent and disinfectant for nail care tools.
In order to provide flexibility, O-benzene Diester exposed to the addition to the Polish is related to reproductive issues.
In addition, many other harmful chemicals are used in nail care products.
Many nail salons lack adequate ventilation and the air inside the salon cannot escape from the outside and vice versa.
This means that chemicals that evaporate from nail products are often trapped in the salon
The workers were constantly exposed.
As a result, the worker\'s contact is magnified: first, they are directly exposed to the chemicals in the product, and then they are constantly inhaling these chemicals in a poorly ventilated small salon.
The health impact is not to assume that the staff of the nail salon have paid a huge price in the form of health.
Exposure to nail care products containing harmful chemicals can have many health effects, including skin irritation, eye injury, and allergic reactions.
They also have problems with thinking and memory, neurological symptoms, nausea, respiratory problems, cancer, and uncontrollable muscle contractions, resulting in impaired reproductive and developmental processes.
Studies including my study at the California Cancer Prevention Institute have documented the acute health effects of these workers.
These problems include headaches, difficulty breathing, and skin irritation, often related to excessive exposure of solvents used in these products.
Studies have also shown that working in salons is related to reproductive health issues, including natural childbirth, premature birth and under-sized infants, and pregnancy complications.
Exposure and health effects are enough to lead to some government agencies, including the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Invest in research and promotion of salon.
As an epidemiology, I conducted multiple studies to check the workplace exposure and health effects of nail salon staff.
In my conversation with hundreds of salon staff and bosses, many shared their personal stories about health issues, from chronic headaches to tragic cases of cancer and pregnancy complications.
While research does not always provide clear answers to the link between their workplace exposure and health issues, it is difficult to ignore the patterns in these stories.
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