I am not exceptionally gifted or bright by any means

by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-08-02
1.) Bring A Tape Recorder To Your Classes This study technique will help you out in a big way especially if you suffer from ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder or have problems concentrating in class. Think about this for a second please. How many times have you sat in a college classroom and wondered what the last thing you professor said that came out of their mouth at what seemed to be a mile per minute? And how many times have you been momentarily distracted while your teacher was speaking and missed the chance to take notes on a very important concept? The truth is that if you aren't concentrating heavily during every second of your school teachers lecture, chances are you'll miss critical parts of the lecture. The key to solving this problem is to record your classes. This way you can go home and replay this tape as many times as necessary so you can take your time and prepare a set of killer notes which will almost guarantee you will Ace any test, midterm or exam they will throw at you. Plus if you go home and replay your class lecture tape a couple more times, you'll grasp the material much better than your classmates will. Whether you just need to learn this material to pass an exam and do a brain dump on the last day of class or it's a higher level class you're taking that applies to your major, recording your class lectures and replaying them at home will inevitably relieve a lot of stress on exam day. 2.) Taking Good Lecture Notes Many professors will hint during the lecture what types of questions you can expect on the exam. While you are taking notes I recommend that you put an asterick by these questions. Then when you get home find the lecture concept the teacher mentioned in class and locate it in your textbook. Then thoroughly research and study this material until you fully get it. To be honest you should do this with all your school notes because you never know for certain exactly what questions your professor might ask on an exam or how they will ask them. Many times your teacher will be completely transparent with their students and let them know if the exam is True or False, Multiple Choice, Fill In The Blanks or Essay Questions. Make note of this or even ask them, they just may tell you. If you find out the test is Multiple Choice you'll need to learn to make associations. If the exam is in the form of an essay, study the concept until you are thoroughly familiar with it. You should even practice writing on the topics you think will show up on the exam a few times, without looking at your notes of course. 3.) Ask The Instructor For Help Grasp all the concepts being taught to you on your own or by employing some of the techniques I mentioned earlier. However after trying your best if there are still some concepts you just can't nail down no matter how hard you try, consider trying to setup an appointment with your instructor and have them explain these to you. In some cases they may be available to help you after class, if they don't have another class to teach immediately afterwards. 4.) Form Study Class Groups Personally I think that this technique is right up there with recording class lectures when it comes to boosting your class grades. You can start your own class study group by individually surveying your classmates and arranging a time you can all get together and compare notes. You all might just collectively decide to aggregate one time to study for a test, or might even decide to form a support group that meets once or twice a week to study. Common places to meet are the School Library or a local Starbucks. Weekly study groups are especially helpful for classes you can't fall behind on like Accounting or Math or any class like Science that requires Analytical Thinking.
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