I had toe nail fungus for about a year, and my

by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-08-04
I've tried all types of different nail fungus treatments, but they never seemed to work as well as the products claimed. I've used over-the-counter products, Lamisil, home remedies, and a variety of different products available on the internet. I originally heard about the Zetaclear nail fungus treatment from a friend of mine. She didn't have the nail fungus on her toes like I did, but she said it worked wonders for her finger nails. Being the skeptic that I am, I decided to do some research on Zeta Clear so I could find out more about it. I stumbled across the Zetaclear web site, which provided a bit of information about the product and how it worked. I was happy to see that the product had all-natural ingredients, as I was worried about any harsh chemicals that could possibly cause more pain or discomfort than what I already had. Since this product isn't available in stores, I went ahead and ordered Zetaclear online from their web site. The product came with a 90-day money back guarantee, so it made my decision to buy a little bit easier. To my joy, the packaged arrived 3 days later and I was anxious to give it a try right away. My first impression of Zeta Clear was that it didn't smell gross like many other products I tried perhaps because the ingredients are all-natural? The bottle looks like a nail polish bottle, and it comes with a brush applicator so you can apply to the affected areas easily. The gel was clear and looked like it started to soak into my toe nail within a short period of time. And since the gel was sort of thick, it didn't run or drip all over when applying it. Overall, the product was very easy to use, and I was anxious to see if it would finally get rid of the unsightly nail fungus that so many other products failed to fix. After applying the Zetaclear gel 2-3 times a day, I started to see a noticeable difference after a couple of weeks. The yellow color in my nails began to get a little bit clearer, so I knew that it had to be working somewhat. Fast forward to a couple months later, and my toe nail fungus is almost completely gone! I now have a completely white nail growing to replace the unsightly yellow nail that has caused discomfort and embarrassment for over a year now. To say that I'm pleased with my results from Zeta Clear is an understatement, and I'd be lying if I said I expected this product to work as well as it did. If I had to give this product a fault, it would probably be that you need to apply it 2-3 times a day. This can be an inconvenience for some people, but I think it's well worth it to get healthy looking nails and finally kill that nasty looking fungus that lives underneath our nails. If you want to try the Zetaclear nail fungus treatment, you have to get it from their official web site because the product isn't available in stores. While you can see results before a month, I recommend getting at least a 3-month supply to allow the product ample time to clear up the fungus. I just found out that they currently have a special where if you buy a 2-month supply, you get a 1-month supply for free. Good luck in your battle to kill nail fungus, and I hope you enjoyed my Zetaclear review. Hopefully my story will inspire you to achieve results like mine, and finally get rid of that embarrassing nail fungus once and for all.Place your Order Now - www.Naturalherbalsstore.com
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