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by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-08-08
Apply these simple techniques and build your own poster frame according to whatever size, color or material you would like. Sometimes trying to locate a frame with the exact dimensions you are looking for can be kind of a headache as most stores only seem to sell standard types and custom frames can cost a fortune. If you own a unique movie, promotional or art poster that is in a non-standard size then you know what we mean. Hanging it with those cheap plastic holders, that go on the top and bottom of the poster, does not adequately show-off your prized possessions. Not only does it causes creases but doesn't adequately protect your print from climate or physical damage as well. The instructions that we provide may be for wooden materials but the principals can be applied to others such as plastics or even metals too. Poster Frame Building Steps: Step 1) Figure out the exact dimensions of the frame that you require. Don't forget to utilize the mat or backboard, which can be bought at your hardware store, as the proper guide for your final measurements and not the actual poster itself. Calculate the height and width of your frame remembering that you will need two identical pieces for each to make up your entire frame. Once you have the total length then go ahead and purchase the materials you will need. Step 2) Next you will need to figure out what type of builder's moulding or wood materials you would like to use. Poster frame moulding can be purchased at your local art or frame retailers. Make sure the moulding already comes with the built-in groove which allows you to insert both the backboard and plexiglass front. Buying regular lumber may require you to create this groove yourself. Step 3) Depending on the size of your desired frame a small or medium handsaw can be used to saw the moulding into 4 separate pieces where there is 1 for each side of the frame. Each component should measure the exact length of each side plus twice the width of the wood itself. This additional amount is for the mitered corners. Step 4) The ends of each piece need to be cut into forty-five degree angles which can be done by a mitre box that helps the piece of wood to be held tightly into place and guide the saw so that it cuts at the proper angle. After doing so you can sandpaper the edges to smooth it out and remove splinters. You can now lay them down onto a flat surface and arrange them into a shape of your frame. Always cut the moulding with the flat side facing down which allows for better stability with minimal movement and lessens the chance for accidents. Step 5) Now apply wood adhesive onto the corners and join them together. Flip it over to the backside and put 2 staples or nails on the back of the moulding at each corner while making sure that the staples or nails cover and overlap both pieces to give it extra holding strength after the glue dries. You will need some clamps to hold the corners into place overnight so that it allows the glue to properly dry without any issues. When clamping down there is a chance that some glue will squeeze but don't wipe it off right away, rather wait for it to partially dry then peel it off which will save you from having to sandpaper it off later. Step 6) After it has thoroughly dried, and you've tested the strength, then you can now add the cardboard, foam board or wooden backboard which should be approximately 1/15 of an inch shorter on all sides. For those that would like extra protection for their print you can buy a piece of plexiglass to insert into the front of the frame to protect the face of the poster. Step 7) The final step is to screw in hanging clips onto the backboard to allow it to be hung on a well or from the ceiling. Place a minimum of 2 clips on each side for extra support strength and include more accordingly depending on the overall size of your poster. Now that you know how to build a poster frame it is time to begin the project. After you have finished building a picture frame for yourself you do have the option to add a finish or varnish which will greatly enhance the overall look of your wooden frame. With the right know-how and materials you can build your own poster frame to fit any type of poster or artwork that you may have.
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