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by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-08-04
What is a Beauty Therapist? A beauty therapist is an individual who tends to the beauty needs of men and women. This includes almost every aspect of the body. Facial therapy requires cleansing, make-up, facials, semi-permanent makeup, and innovative treatments like microdermabrasion. Entire body therapies include waxing, fake tanning, massage, and niche treatments like hot stones. The more technical side of beauties therapy involves electrolysis for hair removal, cellulite treatments, and nail treatments. Many beauties therapist focus on just the basics, and choose to train in the more technical aspects later. If you want to work independently, you may find yourself engaging in a little business management too. How Do You Become a Beauty Therapist? Many people choose to train as beauty therapists training at local beauty schools, which are often found in further education colleges. The majority of beauties school now offer courses that are incredibly specific. This means you enrol and choose to study a field like cosmetology, spa therapy, or massage therapy. If you wish to adopt broad skills, choosing a broad speciality program allows you to offer future employers and clients the treatments they need. People who want to work in prestigious fields like film and fashion need to aim for extensive training and prestigious schools. If you do not have time to train as a beauties therapist at a physical location, it is possible to train from home. The American Association of Cosmetology lists accredited schools you can trust. Where Do Beauty Therapists Work? Where you work as a beauty therapist depends on what you specialised in when training, and what you want to get from your work. Spas are highly sought after by beauty therapists, as they offer excellent working conditions and clients that tip well. Similarly, many beauties therapist seek work on cruise ships, as this comes with good travel prospects. If it is flexibility you seek, you can establish your own business, or you can work as a mobile therapist providing treatments in customers' homes. How Much do Beauty Therapists Earn? According to the earnings website 'Indeed', the average earnings for a well-established beauties therapist is 30,000 a year. However, this does not account for those who are at the beginning of their career. You are likely to earn less than this when you work in rural areas. In contrast, you earn more when working in city locations like London or Manchester. If you become a beauty therapist, the more training you take on, the more you can earn. Certain treatments are highly sought after throughout the year, such as fake tans and nails. Training in these therapies significantly enhances your income potential.
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