If you've had your hardwood floor covering established

by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-08-01
The first step in getting rid of the squeak of your hardwood covering is to locate where the noise is coming from in the first place. You cannot possibly fix something if you are not certain where it is. Chances are that the squeak is being caused by some sort of movement of the wood against a fastener. When metal rubs against wood, it will make a squeaky sound. There are a few areas of your hardwood flooring that may be the cause of your squeak. One of the main areas that are the cause of this sound is if your floor dips down in any area. This may cause the nail to have missed its mark when the floor was first being installed. In the end, wood rubbing against the unsecure nail causes a squeak. You may need to wait until you are planning on removing the carpeting or hardwood covering so you can walk over the subfloor and locate the source of the squeak. Once it is found, you can secure the loose floorboard or nail. If you are not planning on removing your floor covering, if you have a space underneath, you may want to secure the nails in the subfloor from there. If there is not a space underneath the flooring that you can get to easily, you may just have to deal with the squeak in order to save the appearance of your flooring. If you have a major squeak, this may mean that there is a space underneath the subfloor that needs to be filled. You can drill a small hole in your subfloor where the noise is coming from and fill it with a substance that is meant to expand. You can easily find some sort of epoxy or glue in the hardware store. Make sure to use a wood plug to fill the hole after you are finished.
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