Konad nail art system originated from South Korea

by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-06-09
Konad is a 'mother' of nail art stamping products and quality wise there aren't a lot of alternate options available on the market. Indeed, a lot of companies are manufacturing nail art stamping products and solutions as of late but the majority are simply low-cost Konad copies - design and quality wise. To start applying Konad goods correctly, you'll have to have: -Konad Image Plates (you will find more than 70 unique plates on the market) -Special Konad Polish (several dozens of shades out there) -Stamper & Scraper set (can be bought on their own or as a part of Konad kit) -Base coat (unique base coat to apply beneath stamped design) -Top coat (special top coat to seal off finished design) I suggest investing as a minimum few hours practising before offering Konad nail art to your clientele. As basic as nail art stamping technique may appear, there are several tips & hints you should know of: -If you're using a completely new package having a new stamper, make sure you lightly file it with a high grit (240 ) file or else special polish won't stay with stamper's surface. -Use ONLY Special nail polish manufactured by Konad! Don't be misled by low-cost duplicates, it's not an ordinary nail polish! Konad Special nail polish for stamping is much thicker than usual nail polish and it has higher viscosity level to get those detailed patterns correctly done. -Before using top coat, let design dry for a little bit (if not it can smear and mess up overall design). Just like any nail art method - only practice makes perfect! Don't be concerned when you're not getting ideal results very first time using Konad, it's completely normal. Simply invest couple of hours on improving your technique and soon enough you'll be creating monster patterns using Konad nail art products. If you're seriously interested in your nail art job, you need to invest in good quality products only. Konad nail art method represents excellent deal since every image plate gives several designs and may be used time and time again. Special nail polish bottles are 10ml in size and can continue for quite a long time (dozens upon dozens of customers). In case you're only starting out with nail art, Konad kits are brilliant for you! They're great for novices as have a number of most favored design plates as well as special nail polishes (usually white colored, dark colored, red-colored and green). Just about all Konad stamping items are compatible with each other to help you effortlessly add extra image plates or polishes when your knowledge strengthen!
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