Long decorated nails make the women more beautiful

by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-07-15
Caring about your nails is as important as you care about your facial beauty. If your face is attractive but you have small and shabby nails then it gives negative impression about your personality. Suppose you are wearing a gorgeous outfit but your hand and toe nails are dirty and colorless then they will not go with your dress. While talking you move your hands to explain the things to next person, in this case the person can see those shabby nails and he will get diverted from your story to the undecorated nails' story. At least his half of the attention would be towards your nails. Nail art is somewhat similar to the painting on your walls or the canvas. You can make intricate designs with the help of different colored nail paints. First you should apply a nail filer to give your nails a better shape after that a thinner for cleaning the previous nail paint or any strain on the nail would work. Then you can start applying nail paint. Taking the help of a professional would work for the first time at least. As nail art is an art. First the base paint matching to your dress will be applied. After that two or more color for drawing flowers on nails will be used. Small but intricate designs will be made by the professional and you would see how the look of the nails will change one by one. Putting small leaves on nail tips in different colors can make your nails more attractive. First base layer is flat but the flower designs are embossed on nail tips. You have to be careful that if you are applying it yourself without any professional help then the design should not get mixed or the flowers should be visible clearly. So after getting this flower boutique on your long nails you can step into the party with confidence. After coming back from the party you can remove this paint with the thinner and can make the nails clean and clear so that next day you could use more vibrant designs on your nails.
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