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by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-08-06
Their unique formula contains a natural occurring, high quality clay from the hills of China, hence the company name 'China Glaze'. They add this unique ingredient to the nail polish to provide the hard, chip resistant outer shell, China Glaze nail enamels are so well know for. It is the same ingredient that is used to give the porcelain items that you love their shiny, ultra durable finish. Their no-chip top coat is the best that is out there for the finishing touch to any manicure or pedicure. For those of you that are conscious of toxic chemicals in your nail color, China Glaze professional lacquers are free of Toulene and DBP. They also do not not add formaldehyde as a preservative, making their polishes the most natural and least toxic. China Glaze polishes also work perfectly with their line of professional nail treatments. Use them together to achieve healthier, stronger, longer nails than you have ever had. Or top off your polishes with their famous No chip Top Coat. If you are looking for the latest nail art and designs, China Glaze nail polishes will be the ones at the forefront for cutting edge, innovations. They were one of the first with the swirl, crackle glaze and animal print techniques and products. They have a full line of haute colors, to include eye candy glitters, electropop colors, and capitol colours. Their innovative formula is unique to the industry. It resists fading, chipping and will maintain the color and shine. It will have the same great color day after day. They specially formulate it so that it is flexible, durable and long lasting. They are also always introducing new color and lines providing one of the most complete nail enamel collections in the nail care industry. They have a different color of the month available, along with trending colors that you will never want to be without. China Glaze takes their nail care seriously. Ever bottle on nail polish and all of their treatments apply flawlessly and the results are optimize due to their use of a high quality 440 strand brush. There is a reason they are the nail care company that most salon professionals reach for when they are looking to paint the nails of their clients. With the formula and the color options available in the China Glaze Nail Lacquer line, you just can't go wrong.
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