Many prefer to keep long nails and especially

by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-07-31
It must also match the occasion /party which one is going to attend. For example if one is going to attend a wedding party then the nails can be decorated with stone studded nail art designs whereas if one is attending a special dinner with a special someone the n the mild purple or violet colored polishes suit the occasion more appropriately. In case the gel nails are very dry then apart from the manicure these manicurists are sure to give the required moisturizing treatment to the nails. Nails can break many times a day and if these nails are treated with a nail hardener they can be very effective in preventing such nail breaks. The use of hand creams also aids to keep healthy nails. A balanced diet of fruits and minerals are very essential as it aids to proper nail growth. It is good to paint the nails while watching a popular television show or when one has got lots of free time. The free time can be aptly used to treat the cuticle of the nails with apt creams and oils. Later after the application of nail polishes/nail arts the nail must be again given the base coat as it aids to the nail's appealing look.. Finally after allowing the nail enhancements to dry the hand must be washed with water and mild soap as it removes any residues of dirt and dust which might have settled on the nails while polishing it.. Nail polishing is an art and if done perfectly it will certainly enhance the look of the nails and the person as a whole..
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