Nail art is the latest craze in the beauty industry

by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-08-07
Manicure Specialist Training Manicurist/nail technicians learn nail care and nail technology as a part of their cosmetologist training program. There are over 475 accredited cosmetology training programs in the U.S. today. Cosmetology training programs are offered at online schools, in technical high school and at some community colleges. The curricula of cosmetology training programs typically include sections on hair and skin care, hairstyling, applying facials, as well as nail care, nail art and manicure and pedicure techniques. You will also learn how to apply acrylic and gel nail art as well as methods for applying nail extensions. You should also get an opportunity to practice your skills, both on your fellow students and eventually with live clients. Programs include at least 500 hours of class work, can take from six to 18 months to complete, and most result in a certificate after graduation. Nail Technician Licensing Most, but not all, states require manicurists to be registered or licensed. Some states that regulate nail technicians require them to hold a cosmetology operator's license, which means they can also work as hair stylists or estheticians, others allow estheticians and nail technicians to hold a single-practice license after completing a shorter training program. Most states require candidates for licensure to be at least 16, to have a high school diploma or the equivalent, and to pass a licensing exam after graduating from a state-approved cosmetology training program. Compensation and Job Outlook According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 62,000 people were working as manicurists and nails technicians in 2012. The average salary for manicure specialists/nails technicians was $21,440 in 2012. Those employed in department stores and resorts earned the most, with average salaries of $27,560 and $27,340, respectively. Nail artists working in the Chicago area were among the highest earners, taking home an average salary of $28,400 in 2012. Those in the Anaheim-Irvine metropolitan area came in near the bottom of the wage range at $18,540. The job outlook for nails technicians and manicurists is strong. The BLS is projecting 17 percent job growth through 2020, which should mean the creation of close to 10,000 new nail technician jobs in the next seven or eight years. It should be noted that many of these will be part-time positions, but any way you look at it, job prospects are good and the future looks bright for those interested in a career as a cosmetology manicure specialist /nail technician.
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