Nail art - latest craze among women

by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-08-01
Nail art is the latest craze among women of all ages. Gone are the days when plain nail polish was the thing to style up your nails. There is a myriad of designs to choose from, from flower patterns to cartoon characters on your nails. The French manicure is no longer the only option to get stylish nails, even though it is still a favorite among many women. For those who do not have healthy nails, acrylic nails and the different designs that can be done on them can be the best solution. Nowadays, people are coming up with new designs to use on nails. They are becoming more edgy and unique so that every woman can show off her personal style not only through her clothes but also through her nails. It is also a fun way to make a statement and show off her personality. Whether girly or gothic, there is something for everyone. Protect your acrylic nails with nail care Paper nail art is the latest trend in the world of manicures. It is fast becoming a rage among young women as it is quite different from all the other types of designs done on nails. Surprisingly, it is not a very difficult technique and can be done at home if you have the supplies ready. It is also not very time-consuming, especially once you have practiced a couple of times. The items you need to keep ready are a light nail polish like pink, white or beige, transparent nail polish, newspaper, rubbing alcohol and cotton balls. As with any other manicure, you start off by applying the base coat to protect your nails. The light colored nail polish will ensure that the print from the newspaper is visible. Let this dry completely or you will damage the design. The next step is to pour some rubbing alcohol in a bowl. You can also use mouthwash, vodka or surgical spirit if you do not have any. Dip your finger into the bowl and let it soak for about 10 seconds. Cut out a strip of newspaper and place it over your nail and wet it with the mixture. Then slowly peel it off and make sure the ink is transferred completely on to your nails. When it has dried, you apply the clear nail polish to give it shine. Any excess print on your skin can be removed with nail polish remover.
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