Nail files are an important part of a nail kit

by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-07-09
Of the three types of nail file, people favor the metal ones the most. They are easily available, affordable and they last long. To get a smooth and perfect finish, they just need to be used with proper care. This depends on whether it is the fingernails or toenails that need to be filed. Nail file are used for grinding and buffing and giving shape to the nails. There are methods of using a nail file for proper nail care. First, you need to trim your nails with the right kind of nail clipper. You can purchase good nail clippers or trimmers in any store. You should buy one that has a straight edge so that you can easily cut across the nails. For toenails, it is better to buy a bigger clipper because they are harder and standard nail clippers cannot cut them. To make it easier to cut your toenails, you need to make them softer and soaking them in warm water for a few minutes can help you do this. When you cut your nails, there are usually sharp and rough edges found at the corners of your nails. Nail file can help you in smoothening out these rough edges. You need to use the files properly and not like a saw. Always file your nails in one direction only. If you start filing your nails in an upward direction, finish it in the same way. Improper use can cause your nails to break. You must also remember to file both sides of the nail. Acrylic nail kit works by applying acrylic powder to the acrylic fluid which then goes on top of the nail. This product dries fairly quickly so you have to be a bit faster than normally to use it for your fake nails. You can get the acrylic in many different colors. Gel nails are as the word describes it, a gel you apply on your nails. This product doesn't dry unless you use a UV-lamp for 2 minutes. This makes the nail kit very easy to work with, as you don't have to hurry. This product can also be found in many different colors. After you are done, always to remember any residue that may accumulate on the file. It is recommended to wipe the file clean after filing 2-3 nails. If you follow these tips, you can get smooth nails.
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