Nail stamp plates are very important accessory

by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-07-30
Bear in mind that there are actually fake image plates floating the marketplace - cheap, low quality duplicates manufactured by Far east producers. How to realize you're buying genuine Konad image plate?>>> Original Konad image plates are going to have 'Konad' name brand laser engraved on each individual image plate;>>> Authentic Konad image plates come in exclusive product packaging;>>> Konad plates are produced from stainless steel, not cheap, coarse aluminum;>>> You'll find Konad hologram outside the special product packaging;>>> Design patterns on image plates must be with clean edges; Although stamping plates aren't low-priced, treat them as an investment in your nail business - you'll work with each image plate repeatedly for several years ahead! With the addition of just couple of new image plates to your collection every month, very soon you'll own a superb assortment of image plates worth hundreds of design variations! I'm confident your customers will greatly enjoy that! Bear in mind: before using an image plate, ensure that it's perfectly thoroughly clean. The best way to accomplish this is to thoroughly clean them before each use with acetone or some other cleaning up fluid. Furthermore, ensure that plate dries out entirely before applying special nail polish. You'll find excellent basic Konad packages containing some of the most favorite image plates however if you're really in to nail art stamping, you'll prefer to buy additional image plates separately. Designs vary from basic blooms to special Seasonal, asian and Halloween night ideas! I'm absolutely sure you'll find something appropriate in more than 80 image plate assortment. Konad brands each and every plate with a correspondence 'M' following by the number (example: M38, M42 etc.) which means you always know precisely which image plates you have on hand, simply by checking out that unique image plate Id. Due to laser beam engraving systems, Konad image plates delivers excellent, immediate nail art patterns, using a straightforward nail stamping method. We're talking about patterns you'd probably never be able to draw up manually! And all it requires is an image plate, special nail polish, stamper & scraper set and couple of seconds of your time! Konad has truly transformed the way nail designers produce really delicate & small nail art styles! Now it's your time to get on this bandwagon by getting your very own Konad basic collection! For those who have one already, make sure to stock up on additional Konad original image plates!
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