Nails are related formations of the skin, which

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and thyroid glands. Many women face the problem of brittle nails, soft. Show brittle nails usually indicate a lack of calcium, magnesium, or vitamin B8. Also, brittle nails can be the result of diseases of the digestive system. Brittle nails are flaking nails that easily break due to changing composition of the nail: keratinized cells (which confer resistance) are united with each other through a 'glue' biological complex composed of water and lipids. When nails are dehydrated, they lose their glue and nails become brittle and peeling. Causes are dozens of chemicals that we use in household that are leading to dissolution of lipids and to nail dehydration. For example, acetone is very aggressive for nails. The most common nail changes: - Consistency (e.g. brittle nails) - Form (e.g. ingrown nails) -Texture (e.g. presence of longitudinal or transverse striations) -Coloring (e.g. cyanosis nails) -The curve (e.g. longitudinal or transversal bulge) Nail appearance may be changed due to several conditions: - Lack of linoleic acid (an essential fatty acid) can lead to cracked and broken nails - Deficiency of zinc in the body can cause white spots on fingernails and toenails, and they can become brittle. - In iron deficiency anemia thins nails become brittle, crack and break easily. Also, in this disease profile nail may have a teaspoons form. - In patients with psoriasis nail thickens, is eroding and even loose meat. - Nails and surrounding skin can become infected with bacteria or fungi, the most common being Tinea or Candida. In this case nails are soft, thick, fade and becoming irregular. - Another problem quite common is nail growth in meat. Usually, this phenomenon is triggered by the use of mismatched shoes that create pressure on the nail. Therefore, the problem here is simple, by changing footwear. Keeping nails in good condition Shape of your nails will be kept in the best conditions by following a few simple tips: - If you experience broken nails often, it is better to cut them short. - Never use nails to open various containers (cans, bottles or jars). - Do not cut nails with scissors inadequate that it hurt you worse. Use the nail file in one direction, from side to center, in no case from back to front. - Use quality cleaners for nail. Do not use cleaning nail polish with acetone; use only solutions that have in their composition substances that nourish the nails and not cause damage. - To feed and nails is best and natural to put them in a dipping bowl of warm almond oil or olive oil or wheat germ for 10 minutes. Make sure the oil is not too hot and burning. - You can call to push back the cuticles with a special accessory or by using a special hands cream. Never cut them. - Apply nail polish carefully, thin, or else will jump quickly. - Natural pale shadows tend to age the look of hand, its done better in bold colors that make your hands look younger. Calivita nutritional supplements for brittle nails - Mega B-Complex from Calivita - B vitamins in high doses and with extended release provide optimal amounts of vitamins needed for healthy skin, hair and nails, and is also beneficial in case of stress. - Calcium, vitamin D and magnesium in the composition of Strong Bones Plus are indispensable nutrients for healthy bones, nails, teeth, muscle and cardiovascular and nervous system.
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