Nails 'say' what vitamins and minerals you lack

by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-06-10
Just analyze them carefully! Your nails may indicate very exactly the vitamin and mineral deficiencies facing your body. Due to subcutaneous vasoconstriction that occurs as reflex to cold, skin receives less blood when cold shrink vessels under the skin. Results: skin is dry, blistered; wrinkles may appear deepen, nails become brittle and flaking and hair also brittle, is breaking easily and fall over. As a way to combat these effects of cold is recommended every night a hot bath with aromatherapy invigorating blood under the skin that puts into motion and produce vasodilatation, daily consumption of fruits and vegetables for optimal dose of vitamins and minerals, and proper hydration. Nail disorders Calivita natural products for healthy nails
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