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by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-08-03
All the way back in 3000 B.C there is evidence that Chinese used a particular type of enamel , called 'Lacquer' derived from the flower petals of roses, orchids or lilies mixed with beeswax and gelatin, on their finger tips that once applied, after leaving for several hours to dry up, it would turn the nail a reddish/ pink color.600 B.C. royals replaced the use of this enamel with use of silver and gold. Similarly, Egyptians used Henna on finger tips for getting the reddish or brown tips. Color used for nail determined the social ranking of people. Like the queens colored their tips and toes in ruby red color. Queen Cleopatra preferred rust red color to paint her nail. Ladies ranked lower were allowed to use only pale shades. Different tribes were identified based on the nail art, for example, a tribe called Incas has Eagles decorated on their fingernails and thus they could be identified from the others. As we know social ranking depended on the use of this art, the poor or working class could not afford this luxury, it was only reserved for the aristocrats and higher ranking people. People were classified based on the color of their original nails. Today regardless of social ranking and status, people use this art for decorating their finger tips. Age is also not a bar for this. Even though there are many people going in for this decorative type, they mistake this art for manicure. It is a completely different and specialized artistic field. The experts for this art are known as Negletekniker. This art is as simple, that one can decorate the nail at home or get it specially decorated from the nailists in the nail salon.
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