One of the latest trends in nail art is the crackle

by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-08-01
Many brands are coming up with the shatter or crackle nail polish. This type of nail polish gives the desired effect. This effect is obtained by painting the nail with the color of your choice, allowing the nail to dry and then applying a special top coat that give the desired cracked effect. So, all you need is a clear base coat, colored nail polish and shatter nail polish. Keep in mind that the colors need to match or else it will not look as good as you want it to. The process begins with the painting of two coats of your clear nail polish as a base coat. When this is thoroughly and evenly dried, you apply another two coats of the standard nail polish you chose to go under the shatter one. You always need to make sure that the polish is dry so that there are no smudges and the effect you are trying to create comes out well. Also make sure that you always shake your nail polish well before use. Lastly, you take your shatter nail polish and shake it well. The design that comes out depends on you. You can cover the whole nail with it or you could make a streak going sideways or straight down, depending on whatever you like. All you need to do is evenly apply a thin layer of the crackle or shatter nail polish onto your nails. A thin layer ensures a crackle effect while a thick coat will create more of a deep crack effect. This too depends on you and what type of effect you want. The fun in crackle is that it enables you to customize your manicure in one easily executed step, without the use of any fancy tools. There is also no special skill set or nail care practice required to get the look at home. Finally, a crackle nail polish can take any look and turn it into something that is both fun and unique.
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