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by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-08-07
Barring some extraordinary nerd miracle, the rat would be gone by week's end. So first Michele told Russ that half of the house was gunning for him. He asked whom, and she said Jessie, Natalie, and Chima. Russ seemed surprised at hearing Chima's name uttered - cut to a clip of Chima telling everyone that she wanted to backdoor Russ, that he couldn't be trusted. So she did say it. Okay, so Michele's not lying. Well Russ told Chima what Michele said, and of course Chima denies it. They then drag Michele back into the room and confront her about what she revealed. And Michele for some reason denies ever saying it. So now she's lying to Russell and Chima. Great...why didn't she just say 'Yes, Chima, you drama queen, I did tell Russ that because you said it a few weeks ago.' Now she just looks like a liar to both of them and that's going to hurt her, especially because she had something good going with Russ. (Also, Ronnie's constant squawking in Russ's ears about how Michele is the true rat will also not help her already shady-looking case.) So anyway, the fight blows up between Russ and Chima and they spend the next five minutes screaming in each other's faces (literally...they were practically kissing) as other houseguests try to pry them apart. So now Russ hates Chima and Chima hates Russ and Michele is...I don't really know where Michele stands in all this, but you can be sure Russ is doubting his alliance with her now. I was really hoping none of this would screw with the plan to evict Ronnie. Ronnie has a genius plan to go around the house asking for 'just one' sympathy vote. He figures if he can trick Jeff or Jordan into throwing him one pity vote, and Jessie, Natalie, and Chima all vote for Lydia, then he could save himself and stay in the house. Well, he decides to play the violin for Jeff and Jordan just as they are getting into their first make-out session. Genius move. Not only does Ronnie awkwardly ramble on while the two lovebirds poke each other in the dark, he then lets a fart rip that pretty much puts the final nail on the moodkiller coffin. Jeff finally gets up and leaves. Now it's time to reveal the winner of the Coup D'Etat. Not surprisingly, America has voted for Jeff to hold the sacred power. Jeff goes into the Diary Room and finds an envelope with his name on it. 'Wow, this is amazing, I'm so excited right now,' he says as he opens the envelope. Endearingly as always, Jeff can't even say the word and pronounces it 'Coop-De-Tat.' An unseen producer from offscreen gives him the correct pronunciation. Now Jeff can kind of pronounce it and he knows he has the power to overthrow the HOH nominations and replace the nominees at any time in the next two weeks. Obviously, he won't use it this week, because Ronnie needs to go home, but he just needs to hold that power in his pocket and hopefully next week he gets a chance to roll it out (mostly because I'd love to see Jessie's 'poor me' face if he gets stuck on the block.) The best case scenario would be Jeff and Jordan NOT winning HOH, because no matter who wins on the other side of the house, Jeff can overthrow the nominations and he and Jordan are still safe. And he can still compete in next week's HOH competition too. So it's time to for the last plea speeches from the nominees. Ronnie stands up and says he finds the good in everyone, except for one person, and that would be Michele. She is the worst person he's ever met, like EVER (a little, harsh isn't it? A little pot calling the kettle black?) The studio audience gasps as it pans to Michele's surprised face. And honestly, she didn't really DO anything. Yes, she was originally on Ronnie's team, but he strayed from his team Week One, so there's no competition there. I believe Ronnie is just bitter because Michele didn't take him off the block when she won Veto. that means you, Ronnie, if the situation had been reversed, would have used the Veto to take Michele off the block? Really? I don't believe that for a hot-mess second. You're just bitter because things didn't go your way, and now you're a sore loser. His only insult to Michele was that she was just 'in it for herself.' Again...really, Ronnie? She's only thinking about herself in a game where the object is to get to the $500,000 dollar prize at the end? Meanwhile, you lied to about 10 different people in the house you lied SO much, in fact, that you couldn't even keep all your balls in the air. Ronnie is so delusional and bitter that it makes me want to throw up in the general direction of my TV (but not on it). It's amazing how one man can be so delusional, but I suppose when you spend the majority of your life holed up in your house playing video games, your ability to socialize and function within normal society is going to be limited. Thankfully, the votes were 4-3 to kick Ronnie to the curb, and after he had exited, the studio audience applauded and cheered, only adding to his delusions that he is loved by America. I'm assuming they're only cheering because he lost the game (because honestly, is there anyone who could possibly like that vile piece of disgusting geek trash?) that or the big Brother producers told them they weren't allowed to boo. Either way, Ronnie continued down Delusional Lane, though it was sort of entertaining that not one of his goodbye messages from his fellow cast mates was nice (Michele said it best when she signed off: 'Get out of here, ya big dork!') I'm assuming there's no love lost between Ronnie and his housemates, and I predict they will all be denying his Facebook friend requests once they get out of the house. Now it's time for the HOH competition. The hamsters had to memorize messages from viewers, and Chima won. As she giggled about how excited she was to have all the power, one couldn't help thinking that Jeff is smiling inside at how pretty he sits this week. Essentially, this is a 'fake' HOH, because no matter who Chima puts up, Jeff can take them off. And things couldn't have worked out better than if the show had planned it exactly so Chima will most definitely put up someone from Jeff's side. And then Jeff can oh so smoothly blow their minds when he changes the nominees last minute and makes sure one of them goes home. So now Ronnie's gone, and the power is slowly shifting in favor of my favorite players. It was a good night indeed. By: Frank Bilotta
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