Replacing your vinyl siding panels doesn't always

by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-07-31
For this task, you will need the vinyl sliding tool, which can be bought from the same stores you buy the paneling, tin snips, hammer, nail and tape measure. Of course, you will need the replacement vinyl siding panels. Looking for a replacement panel This is the first step that you have to do. The old vinyl side panels will need replacement for many reasons. If the old panel cracks, you should immediately find a replacement to prevent further damage. The damage can also occur after a storm. Repair is also an option, but if you want to put the siding panels back in optimum condition, finding a replacement panel is the most ideal choice. Steps to follow Once you have your tools and replacement ready, you can proceed with taking out the old siding panel. You can buy all the tools from a supply store. Also, if you are unsure that you can do these steps, calling a professional handyman is an option. Try to assess the risks you are taking by installing a new panel by yourself, and contact your nearest handyman as needed. Step 1: The panels should be attached via a hook and notch, which is found on the vinyl siding panel's lower lip. Locate this, as well as the hooks before installation. Using a side panel tool, unlock the vinyl siding panel. It should be attached to one that is above it. Unhook the notch by pulling the tool downward. The notch is often located along the length of the panel. Step 2: After successfully removing the old siding panel, check for damages done to where the panel was attached. Do repairs if necessary, before installing the new panel. This will help prevent the new panel from breaking due to the same causes. If there is a persistent damage that you don't know how to fix, again, call your handyman. Step 3: After removing the old panel and assessing for damages, take the new panel to begin installation. Hang the new panel freely to expose the nail strip. The nail strip keeps it attached to the house, so it's very important that you understand how to do this. You can use a pry bar if the nails are difficult to remove. Once the area is clean, take the new panel and install it. Be sure not to crush the foam, in case there is one beneath the panel, as this is the part that provides insulation to the house. Cut the panel to the desired size, as needed, and then follow specific installation instructions that come with the paneling, if there is any. You will usually have to slide the panel in place. Gently tug on the newly attached panel to see if it is attached properly.
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