So you have decided your dwelling needs a new roof

by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-08-04
If you have decided to sub contract the work get three quotes and read carefully what is included and what is not. Go and look at the contractors work on other projects and talk to their customers as word of mouth is the best recommendation. If you are doing the work yourself then here is a guide to building your own roof. So now is the planning stage, you need to climb in your attic and do some measuring of beams, joists etc. Have a good look around with ample light so you can see any areas that may cause problems later in your build. Check for any water damage, rot, or maybe animal infestation. You may need to get a professional company in to exterminate or remove any unwanted guests. When you draw up your plan ensure all measurements are correct and always allow some room for error and uneven walls etc. You must ensure the wood is tanalised (pressure treated with chemicals to prevent premature rot) and all wood purchased is straight and free from knots? Is it clean and dry? Have you taken into account removal of the debris once again there may be specific by-laws that restrict you from disposal. So assuming all the above is correct the time has come to strip the roof. The tiles should be removed carefully as you will either be replacing them or disposing of them. This could be a time to recover some costs and sell your unwanted tiles! Remove the black bitumen waterproof paper and the wooden slats that hold on the roof tiles. This is when you see all the roof joists and beams properly for the first time. Check all the wood for damage and replace as necessary it may also be a good time to insulate your roof area as it will be so much easier now while the area is open. When this is done it is time to re board the roof then apply the waterproof bitumen starting from the bottom and overlapping by 5-6 cm as you work upwards, then nail down the slats of wood that the tiles will hang on starting from the top working your way down to the gutter. Good job well done.
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