Tattoo making is thought to be a form of art which

by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-08-05
A tattoo can be drawn in many ways which can be distinguished by the use of colours combination. Some of the tattoos are colourful while some are only single coloured like black blue or grey. This colour combination is also essential as it is the basic part of the tattoo which shows the meaning of a tattoo. A tattoo is basically drawn in a way that it cannot be erased easily by washing or any other thing. Now it is possible to have such types of tattoos that can be erased easily by applying different erasing agents that are not harmful for the skin. Some are drawn by such liquid which becomes light as the time passes and eventually it goes away in time leaving no pattern on the skin. Now it is possible to get rid of a tattoo by having a skin surgery in which the part of skin having a tattoo is burned by the laser or is replaced by another patch so that the tattoo can be erased from the body. In old tomes them main purpose of tattooing was to get an identity that could be to show the link to some tribe or to group of soldiers or battle warriors or even to show the belonging to a group of thieves. Now it is used a personal identity or to get something special on your body. Now days it is more like a symbol of fashion or displaying something special. The types of tattoo also depend upon the part of body they are being drawn onto. Like some are drawn on the upper side of hands or on arms. Some times at the back of the body or on the chest. The types of tattoos can also be defined by their size some tattoos are very big in size covering large part of body yet others may be as tiny as a sticker.
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