Tattoo stickers, sometimes referred to as decals

by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-06-28
Today, tattoo stickers are still around, popular as ever, and are still fun for children and adults both. What's more, they have evolved from children's box prizes into party favors, decorative marks of self-expression, and even bona fide fashion accessories. They are also still used as business promotional items and fun pieces of collateral for trade shows and similar events. Thanks to a few tattoo sticker advancements, temporary tattoos now last anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks and look a lot more realistic than they did in the past. The new and improved look and staying time is mainly due to the use of vegetable dye and non-toxic glue. When it comes to temporary stickers, there are endless options as to what type of designs you can get. You can get tattoo stickers that mimic traditional designs, or ones that have tribal, kanji, or Celtic roots. Some echo henna or mehndi tattoos. There are even tattoos that look like jewelry, which were a huge hit in the mainstream fashion industry starting around Spring/Summer 2010 with luxury brand designers like Chanel putting forth their own designs. You can also create and customize your own temporary tattoos. Some people get temporary tattoos to test out and see what a tattoo looks like before they have it done permanently. There are even safety tattoo stickers for children with their names, addresses, and phone numbers to help prevent children from getting lost. Some safety tattoo stickers include QR codes which can be scanned and show a phone number, their parents' names and what allergies they might have. This is a great item to use at festivals, theme parks, or any other crowded place where a child can easily wander away from their parents. Tattoo stickers have can serve many purposes and can be a fun and unique experience for all.
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