These days' women love making style statement with nails

by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-07-17
Before nail fashion was all about gloss, glitters and hot colors. But by starting of spring this year you will witness feminine colors and nail art and this is going to stay for whole year therefore softness and elegance will be the theme for nails this year which is good. Therefore colors which will be ruling this year are glamorous, nude, perky and neutral. On the other hand traditional color like red, peachy pink, orange and purple will also be in light this year. Therefore while selecting nail paints being cautious is very important. Keep in mind that not all brands come up with best texture for nude, neutral and perky colors. So please go for a good brand while selecting nail paints. You should keep in mind that well maintained hands, colors usually add glamour. And it's the minimalist colors that make the biggest statement of all. On the other hand creamy shades of grey such as white, pale pink and soft beige are an all-time popular and look refreshing on almost every hand but one thing that everyone should keep in mind is the shape and style of nails such as sharp triangular shapes, cone shape nails, and French manicured nails will always remain on the top this season. On the other hand if you go globally for nail statement then blue is a color which is ruling the nails this season and so ........Read More
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