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by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-08-06
With just buying wood, pulling out your saw, hammer and nails you can make just about anything, sand it all down, paint it to be weatherproof (if the wood you chose isn't already) and decorated, and there you go, your own family masterpiece. This is something you can really enjoy, your own creation, something you can add to year after year with your children and your children's children, a family tradition. And depending on just how handy you are with a piece of wood and saw you can really make some amazing things when you take a minute to think of the possibilities. Some cool ideas to start with would be a 3D wood tree, unless you are lucky enough to have an outdoor Christmas tree already of course. I know this might be a bit tricky but imagine how cool it would look! You can make large wooden candy canes, this would be so cute if you have a long pathway leading up to your front door, placing them strategically along both sides for when family and friends visit, the kids would love it! Using woods such as cedar will be weather and pest resistant but may not be as easily cut into intricate designs, but they will work great for larger pieces. As for the pieces that need lots of cutting, using treated plywood will be perfect, it is cost effective and easy to saw, just draw your design with pencil on your wood and cut it out. Wooden garden decor is a lifelong loved choice even a wonderful gift option for the ones you care most for, a wooden reindeer for your parents, gift arrangements for your sister, Santa for your brother, and a sleigh for your spouse, a Christmas surprise. And this is not a wood one but still a good trick still keeping away from store purchased decor, when you collect all your fallen leaves during the fall and make those big trash bag pumpkins, why not transfer them into snowmen. Maybe you have no leaves, you already recycled them, well, there has to be something, how about if you had lots of paper or newspaper you were recycling, crumble them all up in balls and fill the bag. Buying thick white trash bags will make the snow man more, I don't know, snowman like, glue some eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons and you are all set. Not only will making your own wooden carved outdoor holiday decor be an amazing new addition to your seasonal front lawn it will be way more cost effective than store bought ones. And as a bonus it will be environmentally friendly and you know we are always happy when we go green, no messing with the same old plug ins, this is your chance to give your creativity a shot!
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