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by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-07-06
The new edgy Gelish soak off gel polish is a remarkable advent in the field of cosmetics which helps people to boast manicured look with ease. This unique gel polish helps the weak or thin fingernails retain the luster and helps in increasing the flexibility and inner strength of the nails. One may also opt for acrylic tips, but they may be problematic to the person who uses fingertips in workplace regularly. This innovative Gelish soak off gel polish is actually a polymer resin which contains of photo-initiator and the fingers get hard after applying this so it is placed under a UV lamp, which is specially designed for this nail art product. The company provides unique and wide range of color schemes with innovative names and crystal luster which will be appreciated by the onlookers and one can wear them in various events, parties and social functions. This gel polish can be retained for two weeks or more if it is maintained and cared properly. The high glossy sparkling color does not fade away if the tip of the nail is taken care of properly. Another famous nail treatment product is the Rejuvacote range of products, which includes various processes for complementing one's nail. The Rejuvacote Nail Growth helps in healing and curing one's cracked, acrylic eaten and split full nails within few weeks. This cosmetic treatment helps in generating new naturally strong nails. One should get rid of the dry nails and cuticles properly with professional help before opting for this process. Many people having diseases like thyroids, sugar and other have weak fingers, but after using this product they have got remarkable results. One can also apply Rejuvacote daily as a top coat on any nail color or simply on bare nails. The Rejuvacote Nail Growth helps control the peeling and chipping of nails if the product is used regularly and after seven days it must be removed by a good nail polish remover. The product also helps in growing of natural nails without ridges. To get the best results the product must be applied in two coats and if desired one can also apply nail colors on top of it to give it a better outlook and shine.
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