What about CFR/CNF of nail tips?
Nail tips is offered with a relatively favorable CFR price at ZHEJIANG NEWAIR ART CO.,LTD. The total cost of CFR is the summation of the plant's cost and freight. In terms of the manufacturing cost, we have our own factory and promise to offer a lower price for the bulk order. As for the freight, we work with reliable logistics companies who maintain trustworthy relationships with us since established and are willing to give us favorable transportation fee. There is one important point for you to know is that once you choose CFR price, we are not responsible for buying insurance for the loss or damage of product during the transit.
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Through the introduction of advanced production lines, Newair mainly produces high quality tattoo sticker. Newair focuses on providing a variety of beauty sticker for customers. Its quality of workmanship is above average. The product can be handled with different workmanship, including gold stamping, flocking, hollowing out, and printing. This product can serve well for customers in the industry based on a large user base. The glue is safe and does no harm to the nails.
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Our sustainable goal is to reduce emissions, increase recycling, protect natural resources. So we put ourselves to adopt more efficient operations that can reduce our environmental footprint.

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