What are raw materials for press on nails production?
When this question is asked, you will think about cost, security and functionality of press on nails . A manufacturer is expected to ascertain the source of raw material, reduce the price for raw material and use innovative technologies, so as to enhance the performance-cost ratio. Today the majority of the manufacturers would examine their raw materials before processing. They might even encourage third parties to check the materials and issue test reports. Strong partnerships with raw material suppliers are of great importance to the press on nails manufacturers. Because this means that their raw materials would be guaranteed by cost, quality and quantity.

Having been focused on innovative development, ZHEJIANG NEWAIR ART CO.,LTD Fake Nails now holds a safe lead in artificial nails industry. The beauty sticker series is one of the main products of Newair. The quality of Newair Fake Nails hologram false nail with glue is guaranteed by a series of tests. It has gone through fiber identification, performance testing, and flammability testing which all meet the textile standards. The product has a super shiny surface. The strict quality standards make the worldwide export of this product possible. It serves as a great way for any woman to have beautiful looking nails.

The permanent aim of Newair would be to make top brands in the world natural fake nails industry. Ask online!
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