When choosing cabinets for your home, you probably

by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-08-06
Firstly, there is an added level of pride associated with purchasing American made products in the market place these days. While in many ways it is cheaper and more beneficial for big businesses to outsource their production, we've all heard the unfortunate stories of unfair labor practices. When a company goes the extra mile to manufacture their product in the United States while still maintaining quality and competitive pricing, their value increases in the eye of the conscientious consumer. Chinese cabinets may seem like an easy (and slightly more affordable) option, but there are many issues with the construction compared to American-made cabinets. Chinese cabinets are typically made of low-quality, weaker wood, so they won't hold up in the long run. The same typically goes for the finishes, stains and glazes. Usually the cabinet hardware will be a knock-off of a quality American brand, resulting in a subpar appearance and less durability over time. Another point of interest is the fact that Chinese cabinets aren't exactly eco-friendly with the resins and glue contents they contain (like sulfur, lead and formaldehyde). They do not have any environmental restrictions on their products like we do in America, which is dangerous for health reasons. In addition to the health risks, formaldehyde is known to weaken the glue that is used to hold the cabinets together, therefore putting your them at risk of falling apart. Ready to assemble cabinets can come with different kinds of assembly styles. Most Chinese made come with cam lock mechanism, and they can be less reliable in the long term. A cam lock is a hook-type fastener installed where the cabinet face frame and sides, top, or bottom get put together with a screw. In American made kitchen cabinets you'll find true dado assembly that uses glue and fasteners with nails or screws. This means that your cabinets won't come apart once everything is installed and secured. American-made cabinets on the other hand are much safer and made from higher quality materials. American-made RTA cabinets have an all-wood construction and better-quality finishes, so they will last longer and look better doing so. American-made products in general have harsher environmental restrictions and regulations, so they are much safer to the consumer. In the USA, cabinets must be CARB certified- an initiative to improve indoor air quality. There is also a greater selection of sizes and styles of American-made RTA cabinets. Chinese cabinets are limited in their selection and don't carry some of the special cabinet boxes that are made in America. It's also important to note that buying US-made products strengthens the American economy, and purchasing products made in this country is vital to America's future. Make sure to read the fine print- many companies advertise American-made cabinets, but they are actually made in China. Always look into the warranty as well, since many Chinese cabinets will not offer one.
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