With the help of nail polish one can express their

by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-08-06
You can even put some oil on the water. Next file any rough edges of your nails and if necessary you can even push the cuticles back. Next dry your hands with a clean towel and apply a base coat ,so that your nail polish color lasts longer After applying polishes of your choice make sure that you let the polish dry so that there are no smudges. The best nail tips when applying color to your nails is that makes sure that you paint one stroke in the middle and then fill color along the sideways. Leave the polish to dry and repeat the same process for a longer lasting effect. Choose light colors such as baby pink or some natural colors for daytime use. You can even use darker colors during the night .Coral, pinks and wine color suit almost everybody . Paint colors to your nails slowly as if you hurry too much it might even lead to smudges. Uneven streaks of color often look very ugly when applying polish so make sure that you are careful. Nail tips such as keeping your hands and feet clean and going for manicure once a month will help you to keep your nails healthy. If you want to create spots or stripes on your nails then start by using a good base coat. Use two contrasting colors as they really look well. Do not go over the top when selecting your designs for nail art. Designs on nails look great for special occasions but make sure that you remove the designs with a good nail remover before you go to your office. Always use a branded nail remover or nail removing wipes. Using cheap removers can stain your nails. After removing all traces of color moisturize your hands with a good hand cream.
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