Wood or hardwood flooring is anything that has

by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-08-02
Wood or hardwood flooring is anything that has been made from timber and is destined to be used as flooring. These hardwood flooring can be used in formal or informal rooms, that doesn't matter as they fit right in with any kind of decor and environment. It is not necessary that these flooring are only made from timber, it can also be made from some other type of wood which is good enough for the job. These flooring can be purchased from the market and installed in the home by the people themselves if they don't want to call in the company. This article deals with the installation of the hardwood flooring. The first step in this job is to go the market, find an appropriate type of wood for the job and then order it or buy it and bring it to home and store it in some place, so that it does not gets in the way of the things and get damages in any kind of situation. Once this is done, the second step is to keep the wood in the store for at least 2 week before installing them, so that it has time to contract or expand as much as it wants to, and there is not check on the wood panels, however, if you do not do this step then it is quite possible that when you place the wood on the floor then during contraction and expansion it might get damages or cracked as it will be closed from all ends and won't have any room for expansion. The third step is to remove the old flooring present in the house completely and make sure that the level is even and the raw uncovered floor is at the same level. This can be done by removing the nails, old glue, tacks etc. The fourth step is to snap the chalk line on the subfloor to line out the area where one stalk of the wood will be placed. Doing this will ensure that you are also leaving a small space for the wood plank to contract or expand without damaging itself. The next step to do after the outlines have been chalked out, is to start the installation from the longest straight wall with the longest straight boards, and in this step it should be ensured that the board being laid down straight to prevent the crooked look of the floor, when the job finished. The sixth step is to pin down the first few wood boards that you lay down by using nail, so that they are tightly held in their place and during the process of installing the rest of the floor the angle of the boards do not change. However, the rest of the boards can be installed by using glue or any other holding material. The seventh step is to take a look at the board and only place the defect free board on the floor, leaving out any damaged one. The eighth step is to use the jamb saw on the boards installed and uninstalled to undercut the trim pieces.
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