Your wedding day is quite possibly the most important

by:Newair Fake Nails     2020-06-11
The key is to feel comfortable in your makeup. I have known brides that have ended up crying because they weren't accustomed to the amount of makeup they were wearing. On the other hand, my grandmother didn't even wear an ounce of makeup for her big day, and I can't say she was thrilled with that either. So what should you look for while shopping for wedding dresses makeup? Choose products which complement your skin tone, skin type and of course, your bridal gown. And most of all, have fun! Lips Women with fair skin can create a soft, dreamy look with peachy colors and beige lipsticks with pink undertones. For a more dramatic look, choose berry shades and reds with blue undertones. If you have medium or olive skin, rich, deep reds with brown undertones and darker pinks with a hint of purple are stunning choices. Light browns with warm undertones and dark berry shades also complement your skin tone. If your wedding is taking place during summer, a nutmeg lip gloss looks incredible on olive skin tones, especially paired with a bronzer. African-American and Caribbean women can wear lip colors with more pigment. Rich, dark toffee colors, deep plums and reds with blue undertones complement dark skin tones beautifully. Take care to choose a lip color that will not make your skin look washed out or full of flaws. Be sure to test your lip color on your lips, not somewhere else on your face or body. Choose a lip color which will complement your face and eye makeup. Avoid biting your lips or licking them. They will dry out, making it difficult to apply lipstick and lip liner. Your lip color may even show up unevenly. Foundation Your foundation color must match your skin tone perfectly. That's especially crucial if you are planning to wear your hair up in a updo. Make sure to color-match under natural daylight, not artificial lighting. Department store lighting can be deceptive. Your makeup may seem to match your skin tone perfectly, but once you step out into natural light, that may not be the case. Choosing a foundation shade may take some time, since there are so many colors to choose from. Most skin tones have yellow undertones; even if you think you have a pink undertone, you still have yellow in your skin. With very few exceptions, pale skinned women need to select more neutral yellow shades than makeup companies would have you think. Test colors along your jaw, not on the inside of your wrist, for the best match. Your foundation should blend invisibly into your skin in the daylight. The advantage to purchasing cosmetics at department stores is that you can easily experiment with colors and get a hands-on experience with the products. At drug stores, you rarely can try on products, making it difficult to make a decision. The good news is that most drug stores now a days offer money-back guarantees if you aren't happy with your purchase. Brows It's best to shape your brows about 5 days before your wedding day. Visit an experienced esthetician, even if it is not your first time shaping your brows, to have your brows shaped to perfection. And ignore that silly rule that your brow shape must follow your natural brow line. There is more than one brow shape which suits your facial structure. For example, highly arched brows make round faces seem more oval. A flatter brow shape makes a long face seem shorter. Of course, creating an obviously unnatural brow shape will not enhance your features as well as one which actually works well with your facial structure. Discuss with your esthetician what shape is best for you. A beautiful brow shape will enhance your features in wonderful ways. Nails Although it is not advised to wear acrylic nails on a regular basis, consider having acrylic tips adhered to your nails for this special occasion. They last for about 2 weeks, and then you can have them removed by a professional. You won't have to worry about your nail polish chipping and they will look picture-perfect for all those pre and post-party events, including your honeymoon. Eyes Have your makeup artist or a friend apply false lashes. You will be amazed at how they can add instant glamour and drama to your look. False lashes come in strips or as each hair. For a more natural look, apply each hair to any sparse areas along your upper lash line. It is essential to wear waterproof mascara, even if you think you won't cry. If you are wearing false lashes, apply mascara before you apply the lashes. You may even want to skip the mascara entirely. Hair How many times do you have an excuse to look like a princess? Take advantage of this special day and wear your hair in an elegant up do. It doesn't have to be elaborate; it can be as simple as a French twist. Updos highlight your neck wonderfully and add grace to any look. To avoid any last-minute changes to your makeup, set aside one day about 2 months or so in advance where you wear your makeup to test its staying power and whether you react to any of the ingredients. You should notice any product reactions within 24 hours. If you need to make any adjustments, you will have plenty of time to make any necessary changes.
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